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No news how true (or untrue) the reports are as both camps are being very quiet, but either way that takes long-distance relationships to new levels!

Juliane has kindly e-mailed in more links from the girls recent trip to Germany, you can catch them over at Presse Portal and E-Online (Germany) which is a perfect opportunity to use that GCSE you did in German – or if like me you did French, you might struggle to read it!

The singer previously admitted to fancying the starlet back in 2010, when at his birthday party he told Now magazine: ‘I’d love birthday kisses from Emma Rigby, Frankie from The Saturdays and Justin Timberlake ‘s protegee Esmee Denters.’It would seem that one out of three ain’t bad for Aston as now, nearly two years on, the 23-year-old is getting closer to winning his lady.

Merrygold, dressed casually in jeans and a leather jacket, didn’t look at all sheepish as he strolled away from the restaurant, unlike his date Emma who kept her head down as she darted into Aston’s Ferrari which was waiting for her outside.

A friend of Stuart told the Daily Star: “Mollie and Stuart have been following each other on twitter for a while.

🙂 I know this isn’t really the type of news we usually post but as its pretty quiet right now as everyone is gearing up for the second wedding and the US trip I’ll post it up anyway, take of this what you will!“He’s going to start dating other girls, and I’m fine with it, but I don’t want to see it and learn about it in the papers.It’s going to be hard.” Frankie, currently in the studio with the rest of the Saturdays recording new material for a repackaged summer version of their album Wordshaker, sounds desperado for a relationship of some kind.According to the Daily Mail, the pair have been friends for some time, but on Friday they appeared to be something more as they got cosy at the Cicchetti Italian Restaurant.Fans of JLS were more than happy for the couple as they took to Twitter to express their glee.

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But it has also been rumoured that Leona Lewis is keen on Max so does Vanessa have competition?! I got to the bottom of rumors that the sexy singer has been shacked up with JLS wee-man Aston Merrygold (pictured top right) by asking the lady herself to spell out the truth.

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