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is a 1988 fantasy that is darker than you may remember.

There are some serious themes in this outrageous film: a young married couple comes to grips with the fact that they're dead, and a teenager contemplates suicide.

Beetlejuice is the title of three different video games.

The original Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) releases were developed by Rare and published by LJN.

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Since 2002, the show itself has undergone a number of revamps, when more modern songs and costumes were added.

There's smoking, drinking, and a reference to Valium.

The 19-year-old channeled gothic chic for the evening when she stepped out in a vertical-striped jumpsuit for a LOVE magazine signing, only hours after walking the Alexander Wang NYFW runway in a haunting all-black image.

This version is based on the animated cartoon series rather than the feature film.

As Beetlejuice, the player must battle various skeletons and other monsters by shooting loogie projectiles and protecting Lydia as she cleans up the resulting mess.

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