Dating sites for different races of people

Posted by / 27-Jun-2017 07:23

What they found instead was that white Jewish men were most likely (41%) to select just one race preference.

And for those that did, it was overwhelmingly for other white women, not Asian women.

Which mean if you are a member of a minority group, “no preference” may end up meaning you’ll disproportionately be matched with people from your own race.

She wrote to the customer service for the app to complain.

Here’s what Coffee Meets Bagel sent in response: Currently, if you have no preference for ethnicity, our system is looking at it like you don't care about ethnicity at all (meaning you disregard this quality altogether, even so far as to send you the same everyday).

A similar analysis of women’s preferences showed that of white women who only preferred one race, 100% were for white men.

The app’s goal is to use what they’ve learned about people’s behavior to make the best possible match suggestions.

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