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The bomb-curve carbon dating is also cheap, about 0 per test, a benefit to the organizations fighting poachers with restricted fiscal resources.

It is also cheap enough that the standard use of this test could be embraced by ethical traders in historic ivory.

This is more sustainable when the beneficiaries take an active role in the processes that help them - and that's exactly what Ikamva Youth is doing!

Are there stereotypes that are associated with dating outside your race?

Like black men date white women because they perceive them to be easier to control.

Leading experts fighting ivory poaching recognize that success lies in stopping demand as much as it rests on seizing large shipments of illegal ivory.

With the help of an uncle, Patrick managed to go through to university, and became the first to acquire a degree in a poligamous family of 23 children. Patrick has worked as an educator, a researcher on education issues in South Africa, a researcher on psychosocial support for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children, as well as researching for the SABC 2 Talk Show Hola Hamonate series 3.

He has also been involved with International NGOs working to empower children and the needy,in the capacities of Project Manager (CARE Germany & Stars of Tomorrow).

This history of legal ivory trade presents a great dilemma in stopping modern ivory poachers.

Up until now, proving the provenance of ivory and ivory articles has been outside of the budgets of organizations policing illegal poaching activity in failing attempts to stop the elephant slaughter.

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What do you think the reason is that people date outside their race?