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Endless love movie 1981 online dating

Since he was a child, he never stopped loving In-Ae who is his older brother's lover. Jung Kyoung-Ho has acted very well in this drama and hope that he will be given greater recognition. One scenario would take more than 3 episode which is making it boring. p.s : I hope that Se gyung will be together with gwang cheol and In Ae with Tae Kyung This drama holds my attention every weekend, not sure what is the factor ? but its good, may be the timeless music or the way directory lingers on the expressions the actors are giving. However , I am tired of seeing Seo In Ae in hospital gown and with the deadpan expression. i just don't get , how come the ending like that .. Why would the writer developed the story between kwang cheol and In Ae for almost entire episodes but In Ae ended up with Kwang Hoon who was never there for her.? She also noticed that little by little that Gwang did felt something for Se Gyung.... The ending ruin it all, i dont know what was the writer think, how In Ae ended up with Kwang hoon? 37 ep Kwang cheol was always besides her, the ending make this drama story pointless. KC's love for IS is Endless Love so please don't ruin it and turn KC to SK's side. I'm watching this drama cuz both actors Jung Kyung Ho n Ryo soon young are my fav Ajusshies ;)....n I want that Han Gwang Chul Oppa will on Se Kyung unni's side..... She feel indebted to Gwang Cheol for all the sacrifice that he has done for her. She keeps on provoking people she wants to avenge but if problems arises,all she does is whine like a child and tends to be so weak! I love her in can you hear my heart and secret love but in this drama, she's full of arrogance and selfish! and its no sense ur still showing a picture of 8 years aftr.in fact its been 15years already.i wonder what is kwang chuls bday gift to Esther when she gave the box to SIA Hey, good drama,but unaccountable ending. And when did k.c older brother become on good term with the wife, last seen she argued with family. I hope that In-Ae opens her heart up to Gwang-Cheol who has never wavered in his devotion but I fear time is running out and tragedy is lurking just around the corner.

Hwang Jung Eum and Jung Kyoung Ho should really be the leading pair in this drama because their characters characteristics seems so similar.after eight episodes watched, although acting is really great, all I can see in the plot is non-stop crying, coming soon fighting between brothers for the female lead and really static future episodes..I know it depends on individual taste, but for me this drama is just another boring 'tear maker' kind.. great credit to the main cast though for amazing acting (and crying) skills : P noo, I love Ryu Soo-Young and Jung Kyoung-Ho, they're both incredible actors, but I can't force myself to watch this drama... SBS should just focus on making romantic comedy drama. How is it park t.y being arrested and then in court. They have fun together,fight together , support one another, share all happiness and misery with eachother. He felt sorry for himself and regreted everything he did during his life. Personally i would have never chosen someone that has never been by my side. Most important is with whom we overcome these difficulties. Add a political backdrop and it makes for exciting and at times heart wrenching drama. No wonder ratings are low//Nonsense fighting about politics and revenge. If you rewiew the drama you can watch as their relationships grows every step of the way. We all see political fights over power,betrayals and lies in real life as well. This melodrama involves a love triangle of 2 brothers the Gwang-Hoonis the older and more studios and the current bf of In-Ae and his brother Gwang-Cheol who is younger and more of the maverick.

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