Internetdatingresults com

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Internetdatingresults com

The only topics I will not allow are the topics that we have already addressed in past debates. Once I get enough responses, I will select someone and we’ll debate it. There will be a limit of 1700 characters (including spaces) per response. The first person to make an ad hominem personal attack against the other, even an implied one, instantly loses the debate and the other person wins by default.

That means before email me any responses, you’ll have to check your response with to make sure you’re under the 1700 character limit. (I will still publicly post the debate.) Clearly sarcastic remarks don’t count towards this and are perfectly fine. When I’m debating an issue with someone, and I state a fact / position / observation backing up my point, and the person responds with a “Fuck you” or “You just think you know everything,” then I know I’ve won.

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Education: Studied philosophy at University of Milan and Columbia, and acting at Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg.

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