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So they had to say, *Go north on Malvern, turn east on Broad Street, etc.* Helen ====================== 96/12 From- [email protected]: Re: places and giving directions and houses An activity I have used successfully to teach directions is to have the students guide one another through mazes. I think it was a good activity because in addition I indicated on the board the four cardinal points and this was an added dimension which the textbook didn't include. (Mrs.) Kendall Mellem ====================== 95/11 From- Subject: Re: Request for Elem/French ideas Teach them simple directions: stand, stand up, sit, sit down, jump, show, turn around, point at, touch, etc. The door, window, chair, desk, book, pen, pencil, blackboard, parts of the body - the list is endless. Or you bring in a bag of items and for each item you pull out of the bag, they have to name the place where they would get it or find it. Sometimes I let them help name the streets, which is also fun. To just practice the words for places, you could play charades where they act out what they do in a place and the group has to name the place. Some kids live at a distance so the board was full by the end of the activity.

- I have seen a teacher in new jersey, draw a map of South America, and kids ( 2 or 3) were called to play twister on it - I have traced a huge car, and reviewed car parts in French on the car - and kids played twister with it - they had a lot of fun. If you have lots of time, lots of cooperation and lots of well behaved kids (you are very blessed), you could set up a scavenger hunt throughout the school.

Deby Doloff ====================== 96/12 From- Subject: Re: places and giving directions and houses I just did this activity with my students: I asked for volunteers to tell me how to get from the school to their houses.

You could also name a room and have them act out what you do in it (sleep - bedroom, eat - dining room, etc.) Hope this helps.

(I forgot to mention that I have pictures high on the walls of places the kids recognize from the text.) I give them a time limit, so they have to come back within a reasonable amount of time. Shari Kaulig ====================== 96/12 From- Deby [email protected]: Re: places and giving directions and houses Using pictures or drawings of places on the student desks, you could arrange the desks in a town format.

From time to time the tape instructs them to identify a landmark. Go to the blackboard; turn around and touch your nose! Students then take take turns giving directions as other students "drive" small cars on our streets.

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("At the intersection with the Goethe Gasse turn left and continue to the bus stop." etc.) When I want to test that the kids know how to follow directions, I send them out two at a time, each with a different tape in a Walkman. Bonne chance, Martha ====================== 96/12 From- Kaulig [email protected]: Re: places and giving directions and houses I have used masking tape on the carpet of my classroom to create a "mini-city" and used children's toys as trees, monuments, pedestrians, and used small boxes that I labeled as buildings.

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