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Moira and Isabel refused to acknowledge the glances, open-mouthed stares and whispers that abounded, and they sailed through their first day and second week of work respectively, returning home tired but satisfied about 6 p.m.to watch the evening news and get supper going before watching a bit of telly before bed.Her husband watched Moira dutifully from his armchair and noted her motions were becoming more fluid, graceful and relaxed as she got used to the sensations of taking 18-in., chain-snubbed strides. Bedside clocks in the Metcalfe and Mac Peak households clattered together at exactly a.m.and Isabel and Moira swung their chained legs out of bed to get ready for work.He loved to sit and watch as his bride moved so effortlessly in bondage.Her braless, 38-C breasts, with 1½-in.-diameter seamless rings inserted with surgical precision through her nipples – courtesy of the ETs – were an ongoing source of fascination and stimulation.She was later offered a position as a lab assistant/consultant in the metallurgy division of the University of Edinburgh's engineering faculty and her second week on the job would start tomorrow. Michael Ledstone had arranged for her employment to study this bizarre, new metal and the unique design of her shackles and with Mrs.

(See Afraid and anxious at first about her strange, new shackles and the effects they would have on her physically, sexually and emotionally, she confronted her doubt and committed herself to live with – and accept – her bondage when it became known they were made of a metal harder than any known on Earth. Then, days later, she was kidnapped and transported, hogtied, to an East African country where she effected escape, in chains, and returned to Scotland relatively unscathed.

He promised Isabel would be the first to review his discussion paper on his proposal to the university board of governors to submit a new substance for inclusion in science's Periodic Table of Elements which, when approved, would make him and his chained colleague "rich beyond means," he said.

"Whatever that means," Isabel said as she snapped out of her daydream, finishing up the dinner dishes. ", Peter said, in his Canadian East Coast drawl from the kitchen table.

Synopsis: Isabel Metcalfe and Moira Mac Peak, whom you met in "Through Night to Light" and "Moira's Story" are kidnaped from a hotel in northern Scotlandand sold to a white-slavery cartel to become field beasts of burden.

Their chains are the least of their problems, as the white-slavers had arranged for enormous breast-implant surgeries for each woman, prior to their delivery to East Africa, nude, chained and gagged.

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The mill agreed to transfer her off the machinery floor, as a "safety risk," to the general office when it became known she would be coming to work in chains.

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